A preworkout, or an amino acid? A little of both. A Cuts by Allmax.

 Why should you be forced to choose between an energy boost or amino acids for recovery? 

 AllMax Nutrition A Cuts is a blend of both. With 127 milligrams of natural caffeine (coffea robusta Bean Extract), as well as 125mg of Green Coffee Extract, it deals a solid dose of energy when you need it. ACuts also provides 2g of Taurine, and a blend of 10 EAAs as well!

It isn't designed to give you the same level of energy as many of the high stimulant pre-workouts on the market, but it can most certainly replace a sugary energy drink for that middle of the day boost, or as a lighter alternative to pre-workout. 

A Cuts also comes in a range of great flavors, so there's sure to be one you'll enjoy.

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