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 Action Nutrition Bolt Extreme Energy. A new pre-workout, that comes highly recommended.

The fitness industry is constantly changing. Five years ago it was uncommon to pick up a pre-workout off the shelf and have the ingredient label actually tell you exactly what was in the product. Proprietary blends were everywhere, and it was accepted. The industry was dominated by big brands you could "trust", because your friend, brother, coworker, or some person you saw in a magazine took their products and said they were good. 

Now the only places you find magazines seem to be waiting rooms, and in the gym, there is no room for waiting. In the information age we live in now, we want to know what we're taking, we want to know it will get us results, and we want all of that, NOW. 

The change to full disclosure labels seems like one that took a while, and it made too much sense not to happen. People expect to buy quality products that have enough of what they need to justify the price they're paying.

This change led to another trend in the industry, overload.

Many companies, in an attempt to prove their products were better, loaded mega doses of ingredients like caffeine, citrulline, and beta-alanine, into their pre-workouts. While this seems like it may be more "bang for your buck", it actually may not help as much as you think. Simply overloading these ingredients might lead to higher tolerances and less noticeable effects much more quickly. 

The Product

Action Nutrition is a new company, founded by people who have been involved in the fitness industry for decades, combined they have over half a century of experience. They've seen the trends, and with their new Bolt pre-workout, they're looking to start the next one. You don't need mega doses of caffeine to wake you up, you need the right dose of caffeine and ingredients like Nurofactor (coffee arabica fruit extract) and AstraGin (Asragalus Rood Extract, San-qi Ginseng Root Extract) to actually improve mental alertness. A clinical dose of Beta Alanine to improve muscular strength during training. A solid dose of pure L-Citrulline, to help boost the bodies production of arginine, increasing nitric oxide levels, blood flow to the muscles, and of course "PUMP." Action Nutrtion tried to ensure these ingredients were prevalent in their product Action Nutrition Bolt Extreme Energy.

Action Nutrition Bolt Extreme Energy, with 1 or 2 scoop dosing options, can be great as a traditional pre-workout before a weight lifting session, or even as a light kick prior to a sporting event, or higher intensity training (HITT, Spin, or any of the many similar classes or workouts out today), where higher amounts of caffeine might be detrimental, but improved blood flow and mental focus could still be beneficial.

So the next time you're searching for a new pre-workout, and we recommend switching them up to avoid building a tolerance, Action Nutrition Bolt Extreme Energy might be one to take a look at. Click the image below to check it out!

Action Nutrition Bolt Extreme Energy

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