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Out with the old...

Allmax Nutrition's Carbion was one of our best selling carbohydrate powders for a long time. It's popularity with our customers came from the true versatility of the product itself. It was great for pre training fuel, post training recovery, as a carb load before or during a competition. We had more than a few long distance runners, Spartan racers, and even a few IronMan competitors supplementing with it. When it disappeared they were more than a little upset. Thankfully it wasn't gone long...


Staying ahead means constant improvement

Allmax wanted to make sure Carbion stayed in the top tier of carbohydrate supplements, and that meant improving it before it seemed to need improvement. 

Allmax has simplified their sustained release carbohydrate blend, and packed good doses of highly branched cyclic dextrin (CYCLO-D), 4-Form phased release dextrin polysaccharide (PER4ORM), Ultra-High Molecular Weight Waxy Maize (AWM2300), along with CocoH2 concentrated coconut water. These are all high quality ingredients, designed to preserve blood glucose levels to allow for better active performance. 


Sweet results, not just sugar

The problem with many sports drinks is they are usually just loaded with simple sugars. While this can be an effective way to increase blood glucose and furthermore enhancing muscle output, there are also huge drawbacks. Using simple sugars can cause a "spike" in blood sugar, a period of high energy production, which is almost always followed by a "crash". This can leave you feeling tired, irritable, and overall unmotivated. Allmax utilized a blend of different carbohydrates that are digested at different rates in the body. This not only avoids the crash, but also improves the duration of effectiveness in general. This allows for increased muscular performance for a longer period of time, helping improve training and competition. 



During any sort of physical activity, your body is going to need higher amounts of electrolytes in order for you to stay hydrated. This is critical as when you become dehydrated, blood flow to muscles is reduced, muscle cells tend to shrivel, and cramping can occur. Obviously that is not productive in any fashion, so it's best to stay hydrated. By including quality electrolytes in Carbion, Allmax is helping to make sure the athlete is getting everything they need to maintain a high performance level down to the simplest detail. 


Flavor to Finish

Whether it's admitted or not, everyone cares about flavor. Some people may say they don't, but if we're being honest it can be much more difficult to drink something that can be very helpful to your training if it tastes terrible. Allmax went the extra mile with the new Carbion. While many carbohydrates end up with either a cloudy look, slimy viscosity, or gritty texture, the new Carbion does not follow that trend. They include great carbohydrates, and electrolytes, and still have a great tasting finished product. So far Allmax has released the 30 serving size in Unflavored and Blue Bomb Pop, and the 15 serving size in Pineapple Mango. 

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