Better pump = Better recovery. Here's how AllMax H:VOL can help.

Allmax's H:VOL is a non-stim pre-workout formula that works well in a stack, or standalone as a pre-workout for someone who doesn't want stimulants for any number of reasons. H:VOL packs a combination of ingredients into one reasonably priced product. What sets H:VOL apart from other run of the mill nitric oxide booster is that all the key ingredients are patented, branded, or the highest quality that could be used. 


What's really important?

Why does nitric oxide production matter though? I've heard people tell me things like

"I'm not too worried about the pump I get in the gym, I just want to build muscle." 

The muscle pump is about more than looking good, even though that's the effect that's most noticeable and for many people most desirable. "Swole is the goal." One of the most important results of increasing nitric oxide production is the increase of oxygen in the bloodstream. Muscles operate on oxygen even when doing fast burst movements like weight training. By increasing the amount of oxygen your muscles are able to receive, you increase the amount work your muscles are able to do. This aids in muscle growth over time. Another key benefit from nitric oxide production is nutrient delivery. Blood is the body's transportation system for key nutrients, and by increasing blood flow throughout the body it allows those nutrients to be distributed much more easily. Increased nutrition to the muscles gives them what they need to repair and recover, letting you train harder more frequently. So while most people will tell you that a nitric oxide booster only helps give you a better pump and you can get that from working harder, what they don't realize is they're missing out on decreased recovery time and potential muscle growth. 

 Benefits of increased Nitric Oxide

Ingredients make the difference

Starting with Nitrosigine (Inositol stabilized Arginine Silicate), a clinically tested ingredient that has shown to increase blood arginine levels by 4 times standard levels, and an approximately 5x increase in blood flow.

Agmapure is the purest form of Agmatine in the world. Agmatine is a great ingredient for achieving the "all day" pump, showing great results in increasing Nitric Oxide levels, up to twice as potent gram for gram as L-Citrulline.

5-MTHF or 5-Methyl-Tetra-Hydro-Folate has shown to increase nitric oxide levels in the body by increasing the enzyme eNOS (Endothelial Nitric Oxide Synthase).

RC-NOS a branded ingredient Rutaecarpine (standardized to 98%), helping to boost nitric oxide levels in the bloodstream, and has also shown to increase contractile strength of the muscles themselves. 

Allmax didn't short change on dosing either, these ingredients are loaded enough to really work. 

I've gotten to a point where I rarely like to workout without some type of nitric oxide booster pre-workout and H:VOL has been a staple in my cabinet since I first tried it. If you want a good non-stim pre-workout, maybe because you hit the gym late and don't want to stare at the ceiling all night wide awake, or you want to get a better pump with your current pre-workout, H:VOL might be exactly what you need. Always assess your tolerance when trying new combinations, as the extra nutrient delivery can make the caffeine in another pre-workout hit harder and faster than you're used to. has a great Stack & Save promo on AllMAX Nutrition

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