Pure. Clean. Fast Acting. AllMax IsoFlex Protein

Cinnamon French Toast! It's AllMax Nutrition's newest addition to the Isoflex flavor options. Now available, and just as great tasting as the other flavors they've put out, and carries the same great isoflex profile.



AllMax IsoFlex is one of my go to post workout proteins. It's clean, easy to mix, tastes great, and there isn't much more to say. 

Looking a little more in depth, it is one of the purest proteins on the market. As a raw ingredient whey protein isolate can come in a few quality levels with WPI 90 being the highest quality. AllMax uses this high quality raw to make IsoFlex, and they don't do too much to water it down. In a 30g scoop Isoflex delivers 27g of whey isolate. Not too many "pure isolates" have a label that clean. 



Won't any cheap protein work?

You can get some protein powders pretty cheap nowadays, so why not just buy that instead? Not all protein is created equal. These cheaper proteins lack a quality raw ingredient. This hinders absorption, and the amount of use-able protein per serving is a lot less than what the label states. This affects the amount of protein that actually makes it into the muscles. For recovery purposes, if the muscles can't utilize the protein then what is being gained? If you compare the amount of use-able protein per dollar, the higher quality protein usually becomes the better value. If you spend $20 on protein that might give you 10g per serving, or you spend $40 on protein that gives you almost 27g per serving, which is the better value? With the cheaper option you are paying $2 per gram of use-able protein, whereas with something like Allmax IsoFlex, where you absorb 27 grams per serving, you're paying less than $1.50 per serving. 

In 5oz of cold water, this protein mixes almost effortlessly. Shaker, water bottle, in a glass stirred with a spoon. Honestly it's one of the easiest mixing proteins I've had. No clumps, no gritty texture, just an easy to drink protein shake. 

The selection of flavors from AllMax is huge, and they keep adding new ones to keep things interesting. From Caramel Macchiato to Pineapple Coconut (one of my summer favorites, tastes like you should be drinking it on a beach with an umbrella in your drink), and of course the fan favorites cookies & cream, and chocolate peanut butter are both incredible. 

All considered this is a great protein powder, offering an easy post workout source of clean, fast acting protein. Great taste, great results, can't go wrong. 


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