Balance diet and dessert with Nutrex's new IsoFit!

Sometimes it can be hard to resist the urges for delicious treats, and it can get even more difficult if you're trying to diet. Thankfully companies have started to realize this, and the days of forcing yourself to drink protein shakes are gone. While there are plenty of great tasting proteins on the market, a new one has arrived, and it just might be our newest favorite.

IsoFit by Nutrex, is a brand new whey protein isolate that combines incredible taste and a very high quality blend of ingredients. An instantized pure isolate, it mixes smooth, and is lactose, gluten, and GUILT FREE! It also contains MCT's, so rest assured the little fat that is in it is from a good source. It comes in Chocolate, Peanut Butter Toffee, and our staff favorite Banana Foster.

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