Benefits of B12

Cobalamin, or Vitamin B-12, is an essential vitamin for your body. This means it is necessary for the body to function properly, but it must be obtained through diet, as the body cannot create it. This vitamin is responsible for quite a few different functions, such as energy production, enhancing memory or cognitive function, as well as improving heart health. Let's get into a brief breakdown.


Red Blood Cell Production

Many of the benefits from healthy levels of vitamin B-12 come from it's function of maintaining healthy red blood cells. Red Blood Cells are responsible for the transport of oxygen to the muscles and organs which makes them vitally important.  Healthy RBCs are smaller, and round shaped, while in cases of B-12 deficiency they tend to be larger and more oval shaped. This prevents them from properly moving throughout the body, leading to less oxygen delivery, resulting in fatigue.


Mood Support

This is one of the less studied effects of B-12, but the potential benefits are still great. It is recognized that Cobalamin plays a roll in the metabolism of serotonin. A deficiency in B-12 can lead to decreased serotonin levels, potentially causing depression. Many studies also concluded that patients treated for depression with an anti-depressant medication, saw better results when combining that treatment with a B-12 supplement. It is not confirmed that the mood supporting effects of B-12 will be as big a help to someone who isn't deficient in the vitamin to begin with.


 Memory and Brain

There is believed to be a link between B-12 levels and the loss of neurons in the brain, which is often associated with conditions like dementia. Studies have tested combinations of Vitamin B -12 and Omega 3 fatty acids, with the results showing they potentially slowed mental decline. 


The Heart

High levels of the amino acid homocysteine in the blood stream have been linked with heart disease. Multiple studies have concluded that vitamin B-12 is effective in reducing homocysteine levels, which may reduce your risk for heart disease.


Forms of B-12 Supplements

Not all supplements are created equal, that goes for B-12 as well. Many cheaper vitamins include Cyanocobalamin, a synthetically made version of B-12. Many companies choose this form because it is cheaper to manufacture. When this form is taken, the body must convert it into Methylcobalamin, which is the other main form of B-12 found in supplements. This Methyl form of B-12 is more expensive to manufacture, but it is much more readily utilized by the body. 


Here are a few of the Vitamin B-12 Supplements we carry


Now Foods Methyl B-12

Each sublingual tablet contains 5,000 micrograms (5mg) of Methylcobalamin. 

 Now Foods Methy B-12


Source Naturals MethylCobalamin

Each sublingual tablet contains 5,000 micrograms (5mg) of Methylcobalamin. 

Source Naturals MethyCobalamin 5mg



Now Foods Ultra B-12

A liquid B-12 supplement option, in conjunction with the other B vitamins.


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