Breaking down the costs. Buying Green Vibrance in Bulk saves you Money.

The Green Vibrance 83 Serving container is a BIG container, and will last almost 3 months with one person taking one scoop a day. 

The scariest thing about it might be the price tag for some people. With a Suggested Retail Price of $110.95 that can turn some people away from the big container. At that price it breaks down around $1.34 per serving, which is actually a great value when you consider everything you get in each serving. 25 Billion Probiotics, Plant Based Digestive Enzymes, Antioxidants, Skeletal Support, the list goes on... To read more about what benefits you can get from Vibrant Health Green Vibrance, click here!

Now consider our price of $88.76, which equates to only $1.07 per serving! That's a savings of over $20, and you're still getting the same great Green Vibrance 83 Serving container. At DNDFDirect, we want to help you save money anyway we can, which is why we offer an even better deal on the Green Vibrance 83 Servings. By purchasing 2 containers of Green Vibrance 83 Servings, you'll save an additional 17%, bringing the price per unit down to $73.67! That's a cost of $0.88 per serving! For less than $1 per day, the benefits of Vibrant Health Green Vibrance are available to you. If you already know the benefits, you probably love them, and if you love them, why not get a terrific deal while you're at it?

Check out our great pricing on Vibrant Health Green Vibrance 83 Servings!

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