C yourself to a stronger immune system with Vibrant Health Super Natural C!

A packed C complex; completely natural from plants with no synthetic vitamin C and a potent selection of plant polyphenols.

Many agree that whole food sources are the best sources of vitamins, and vitamin C is no exception. These are some of the best food sources of vitamin C.

It may still be extremely difficult to obtain a sufficient amount of Vitamin C through diet alone. That is where C supplements come in, but many of these are synthetically made and do not provide the same nutrition content as whole food sources. 

Vibrant Health Super Natural C is different. 

Whole Food, Plant Based Vitamin C with HI-ORAC Plant extracts. The perfect step up from plain Vitamin C supplements, grape seed extract or pine bark extract. This is top level polyphenol nutrition. 

  • 100% Natural Vitamin C
  • Contains Whole-Food Bioflavinoids
  • With Camu-camu hand-harvested in the Amazon Rainforest
  • Temperature-controlled proprietary process
  • No Genetically Modified Materials
  • No Added Ascorbic Acid
  • Safe for Vegetarians

Are you tired of ascorbic acid Vitamin C, that is, vitamin C synthesized from corn sugar? Even though it fits the strictly defined molecular structure of Vitamin C, it is really not the form encountered in food. Indeed, some persons are even allergic to synthetic vitamin C.

Vibrant Health’s Super Natural C takes advantage of recent developments in botanical research and development to combine high ORAC value plant extracts with natural vitamin C from certified organic Acerola berry, certified organic Amla and wild crafted Camu-camu extracts. The result is a 100% natural vitamin C from plant sources.


  • Natural Vitamin C complex, Rich in polyphenols, some of the most powerful antioxidants known
  • Inhibits collagenase and esastase enzymes
  • Promotes tissue repair
  • Supports immunity
  • Resists inflammation
  • Resists degenerative, age related changes
  • Helps support sustainable agriculture in the Amazon basin
  • Contains Whole-Food Bioflavinoids
  • Contains No Genetically Modified Materials
  • Contains No Added Ascorbic Acid
  • Safe for Vegetarians

Helping you protect the rainforest
The Amazon Rainforest is under tremendous environmental pressure. Twenty thousand square miles are logged yearly to graze cattle. This practice not only destroys the habitat of the most diverse group of species on the planet, it seriously compromises global health and the local Amazonian communities. Fortunately, wildcrafting camu camu berries is more profitable than clearing rainforest and grazing cattle. Thus, local communities now have the opportunity to create a sustainable economy based upon their ancient traditions of wildcrafting camu camu. Gathering berries for SPL’s Camu Camu allows them to preserve their traditional practices, live satisfying lives and protect the rainforest. Vibrant Health is glad to support wldcrafting initiatives .

Acerola and Camu camu are well known sources of vitamin C. And now a company called Orgenetics has devised new technology that allows for the manufacturer and isolation of certified organic vitamins and minerals for the first time ever. Super Natural C now includes two Orgenetics organic vitamin C extracts from Amla.

Back in 1989, Pycnogenol® and grape seed extract arrived in the United States, forever after changing our understanding of vitamin C complex factors. In the years since then, the world has witnessed an explosion of both research and commercial production of plant based nutritional and nutriceutical raw material. Among them are a host of fruit and pepper extracts with C complex factors (e.g. flavanols, anthocyanidins, proanthocyanidins, organic acids, tannins, flavoanoids, etc.) that equal or surpass the antioxidant and vitamin C-sparing capability of grape seed and pine bark extracts. From among the best raw materials available, we have selected the most potent extracts with the most wide ranging selections of C complex factors for inclusion in super Natural C.

As a dietary supplement, take one (2) capsule per day or more as directed by a health professional.

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