Cayenne, not just a spice, but a beneficial supplement.

Most people know cayenne as a pepper used to season foods, which it indeed is, but it can also do so much more for you. Cayenne peppers are moderate in terms of spice, with a rating generally between 30,000 and 50,000 scoville units. The "active ingredient" for cayenne peppers is a compound called capsaicin. The amount of capsaicin is what determines how much heat the pepper produces, and is what drives many of the other benefits.

Metabolism - 

Capsaicin helps improve the body's metabolism through an increase in thermogenisis, or the amount of heat your body produces, resulting in an increase in caloric expenditure throughout the day. The results have been studied, and it can be an effective way to aid weight loss. Though the effects of this tend to be short lived, as the body adapts to regular supplementation of capsaicin. 


Pain Relief - 

Again, capsaicin is the key to supplementation for pain relief. This time in topical form. Capsaicin has shown to reduce Substance P, a chemical carrier of pain signals to the brain. By reducing these, less pain signals are carried to the brain, leading to relief. Please note, this should not be used on an area with an open wound. 


Ease of Use - 

Cayenne pepper and capsaicin is very easy to add into a supplement regimen, or directly into your diet. Below there are a few different options for products we carry that include Cayenne Pepper. 

Nature's Way Cayenne Pepper, and Cayenne Extra Hot are an easy addition to a supplement plan.

Keto Rubs Fyr Salt, an easy way to spice up any meal, while also getting beneficial nutrients and capsaicin!


Nature's Way Cayenne


Nature's Way Cayenne Extra Hot 100c

Nature's Way Cayenne Extra Hot

 Keto Rubs Fyr Salt

Easily spice any meal!

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