Distinct Formulations KarbLogic. A new type of Carb powder

Distinct Formulations didn't want to make another ordinary carbohydrate powder supplement that would get lost on the shelf with dozens of others. The best way to do that is to put together a formula that is unlike anything currently on the market. The combination of Karbolyn, a patent pending carbohydrate, d-Ribose, and Vanadyl Sulfate gives KarbLogic an ingredient profile that sets it apart from almost every other carb powder on the market. 


Karbolyn, the basics.

Karbolyn is not widely used in the supplement industry, but it is in fact an awesome ingredient and deserves recognition. Karbolyn is a patent pending homopolysaccharide (complex carbohydrate), that is one of the fastest absorbing carbs on the market. Due to it's specific molecular mass, it is able to absorb through the stomach much more quickly than the standard dextrose, or maltodextrin that many powders include. This quick absorption also carries other vital nutrients as well as water along with it. It has been shown to pass through the stomach over 18% faster than dextrose or sugar.


Old School Habits vs. New School Science

Some people argue that carbohydrates can be obtained easily enough through diet. It's been a long standing habit for athletes to "carb load" the night before competition, in an attempt to ensure their muscles have all the energy they could possibly need. What many people fail to realize is that starchy carbs such as breads or pastas can take as long as 24 hours to completely digest and be useful for energy. This all but defeats the effectiveness of the big pasta meal the night before. 

The quick absorption of Karbolyn allows it to be much more readily available to the muscles. The digestive process can take less than two hours, meaning karbolyn is more efficient than carb meals or most carb powders on the market. This means karbolyn is a much better choice for athletes, or anyone looking to load their muscles for maximum performance. It also does this without the bloating or discomfort that can accompany high carb meals or powders. 



 It takes more than just a quality fast acting carbohydrate to make something truly different than what is already available. Distinct Formulations combined Karbolyn, with d-Ribose, and Vanadyl Sulfate, in order to provide the best absorption and effectiveness of KarbLogic.


A naturally occurring sugar in the body D-Ribose is not used for energy like most sugars, but for ATP (adenosine triphosphate) production. ATP which is the fuel for "fast twitch" muscle fibers, helps provide the explosive energy needed in the gym, or in the game. 

Vanadyl Sulfate

Known for it's insulin mimicking properties, vanadyl sulfate helps to regulate blood sugar levels by increasing glucose uptake of the body's cells. Including this ingredient further elevates the effectiveness of KarbLogic, making sure the carbs are not only digested, but actually absorbed into the muscles. 


KarbLogic is different because of the ingredients on the label and the goal they accomplish. The goal of helping others achieve their own goal, be it a competitive athlete prep for a big game, or the everyday person trying to get the absolute best of themselves in the gym. By utilizing one of the fastest acting carbohydrates, and then piling on additives that increase the effectiveness of it and further enhance performance, Distinct Formulations created a carbohydrate powder that is truly unique. 



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