Don't fear carbs.. Improve their usefulness with Metabolic InsuLean

So many people think dieting means you have to avoid carbohydrates like a cat avoids a bathtub full of water. In other words, it's incredibly difficult, and one wrong choice can set you back days in terms of progress. This method of dieting can be effective, but it takes a strong minded individual to succeed. Someone so resolute in their goals that they can turn down that sweet treat after a holiday dinner, or can manage to avoid anything on a bun at a barbecue. The social pressure alone can be enough to ruin some people's carb free diets. Then add to that situation that being on a low carb diet many people struggle with low energy levels, due to carbohydrates being a main energy source for the body. It can make low carb dieting almost impossible!

So maybe it's time to change the view of carbohydrates and dieting. While still managing your carb intake (not overloading on sugary treats, and empty calories), why not increase your bodies ability to utilize the carbs you do eat? 

That's exactly the shift in attitude Metabolic Nutrition is looking to focus on with InsuLean, their new insulin mimicking weight loss supplement. 


Sugar regulation is the key 

The human body is genetically designed to sustain itself, which is why it will take excess dietary sugars and convert them to fat in order to be utilized at a later time when it is needed. The inherent issue with this is many people never "need" those fat stores, because they are never low in dietary sugars. Insulin is the hormone that your body creates in order to convert dietary sugar to energy, but many times today people consume much more sugar than the insulin their body produces can convert.  Imagine if when driving your car to work every morning you stop and put 10 gallons of gas into the tank, but in your commute to and from work your car only burns about 8 gallons. If you only ever drive the car to and from work, eventually those unused 2 gallons of gas start to accumulate, and eventually your car would have to create space to keep it. This is a basic example of how your body handles excess sugar. Metabolic Nutrition InsuLean is packed with ingredients that have shown to have blood sugar regulating properties, which may help your body convert those sugars to energy, as opposed to them being stored unnecessarily. 

Brief Ingredient Breakdown

Gymnema Sylvestre - believed to help decrease the absorption of sugar in the intestines.

Berberine - Shown to reduce insulin resistance, as well as increase energy production

Alpha Lipoic Acid - Believed to increase the body's utilization of it's own insulin

Grains of Paradise - Aframomum melegueta, has shown to increase the metabolism of adipose fatty tissues

Citrus Aurantium - Bitter Orange, triggers lipolysis and increases thermogenesis, with reduced side effects

Theacrine - Promotes alertness, similar to caffeine without the jittery side effects

Evodiamine - Increases the body's thermogenic temperature, as well as reducing fat uptake

Vanadyl Sulfate - Research has shown an insulin-like effect, may help lower blood sugar levels.

Capsicum Extract - May increase circulation, as well as increase thermogenic temperature for weight loss

Black Pepper Extract - Helps prevent body fat accumulation, may slow fat cell growth


Metabolic Nutrition's InsuLean is one of the newest fat burners on the market. It's designed to help you burn body fat, improve utilization of dietary carbs, and it does it without being loaded with stimulants making you jittery. It looks to have a great formula of ingredients, and should be a great addition to a weight loss plan.

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