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Preworkouts are certainly one of the most popular segments of the sports supplement market. Almost everyone is looking for an edge in the gym, be it a boost of energy to get through tough workouts, or enhancing mental focus to maximize the time you are spending at the gym, or maybe to increase blood flow to the working muscles and get that "pump". 

What many people fail to realize, is that "pump" (which is scientifically known as "transient hypertrophy") is much more than just looking good in the mirror, and actually provides real benefits when it comes to building muscle. This is due to 2 main factors, the stretching effect resulting from more blood being pumped into the muscle than is being released, as well as the increase in nutrients delivered to the muscles. The bodies ability to induce this pumped state can be hindered by illness, dehydration, and even things like caffeine. Yes, caffeine is a vasoconstrictor, meaning it tightens the blood vessels, allowing LESS blood into the muscle. 

This is why Distinct Formulations chose to keep caffeine limited to 125mg, enough to provide energy while also minimizing the effect it will have on blood flow. 

In fact, VasoFlow is specifically designed to enhance blood flow, and help accelerate the "pump"! 

With loaded doses of ingredients like 4 grams of pure L-Citrulline (helps increase blood flow), 2.5 grams of betaine anhydrous (improves muscular endurance), Agmatine (similar to citrulline, increasing nitric oxide production), and beta alanine (aids in muscular strength and endurance).

Distinct also included a dose of Alpha GPC, for improved mental focus. Since the formula includes less caffeine than many pre workouts on the market, the inclusion of Alpha GPC helps promote a feeling of alertness during workouts. 

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