Easy herb flavoring with Keto Rubs Hyrb Salt

Keto Rubs has just released their newest seasoning, Hyrb Salt! This blend of natural herbs and natural, unrefined pink salt is sure to add the flavor you crave, without all the preservatives and low quality ingredients contained in many other cheap seasonings. 

Included in Hyrb Salt is a combination of Garlic, Black Pepper, Onion, Oregano, Dill, Rosemary, that will be sure to accent savory dishes perfectly.

The biggest difference is the quality of these ingredients, as well as the unrefined Rocky Mountain Pink Salt. This is mined in the United States, is free of micro plastics or any chemical aftertaste that some seasoning salts may have. The purpose of using a higher quality salt, is it not only tastes better, but it will actually be used by your body for hydration, which can be critical for active individuals as well as any health conscious person. 

Check it out, if it's anything like the Keto Rubs FYR Salt, it's sure to be spectacular! 



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