Evolve past plain creatine with InnovaPharm Ribo Force. Next level ATP production.

InnovaPharm is adding another game changer to their product lineup. With Ribo Force you will get superior ATP production over creatine alone. With the combination of ingredients InnovaPharm chose, this product is sure to provide great results when combined with a strength training regimen. 

Let's start by explaining exactly what ATP is, and what it does. Then we will get into how creatine helps with training. Then we'll breakdown why Ribo Force is the better choice. 


ATP Basics

Adenosine triphosphate, or ATP, is a chemical found in all life forms and is a member in many processes in the body. ATP is able to store and transport chemical energy within cells. The base structure of ATP is 1 Adenosine molecule bonded to 3 phosphate molecules. During a process of hydrolysis, or breakdown using water, which is triggered by an electrical impulse (your brain telling your muscle to move).  The result of this breakdown is the separation of the third phosphate molecule, releasing the energy required for muscular contraction (and anything else the body needs energy for). 

Generally the body only stores very small amounts of ATP in the muscle cells, just enough for the first few seconds of activity. This means ATP is the power behind the "fast twitch" exercises! 



Creatine has been used for years as a way to increase the amount of ATP available to the muscles. This is because Phosphocreatine, also known as creatine phosphate, is used by your body in the process of creating ATP. So the more creatine phosphate available in the muscles, the more ATP the body can produce. Higher levels of ATP production allows those "fast twitch" muscle fibers to have more energy available to them. This is the basic function behind creatine supplementation.  



Creatine has been a staple supplement in strength training plans for years. Though companies have come out with different forms of creatine, ones that make you retain less water weight, some that don't require the "loading phase" and are much easier on your liver and kidneys, nothing about the basic function of creatine supplements have been improved. This is where InnovPharm looks to change things with Ribo Force. With their combination of the Creapure Creatine Monohydrate, Bioenergy Ribose, elevATP, and B-Ribose (Benfotiamine), along with Taurine, and TRAACS Magnesium, Ribo Force is designed to increase the bodies production of ATP much more than just a standard creatine supplement.

The formula starts with 5 grams of Creapure, because instead of reinventing the wheel, InnovaPharm just wanted to improve upon an old design. That is where the similarities end with typical creatine supplements though.

Bioenergy Ribose is one of the only compounds that can take the place of ribose in the process of synthesizing compounds such as ATP. Standard ribose is created in the body from glucose, but that process is very slow. By supplementing with a bio available form of ribose, the production of ATP is enhanced significantly. 

B-Ribose, or Benfotiamine, is a derivative of Thiamine (B1) and has multiple advantages related to training. First, it helps increase the production of certain enzymes that enhance healthy cell growth. Secondly it has been shown to inhibit the NOX4 gene, improving the breakdown of glucose in the muscles.

 ElevATP is a water soluble combination of fossilized plant extracts and an apple extract. These compounds work to increase the amount of ATP available in the bloodstream. This means while the Creapure, Bioenergy Ribose, and B-Ribose are increasing the body's production, elevATP is increasing the amount the body can store in the muscles. 

These ingredients work to truly improve the production of ATP in the muscles, and increase the amount available to be used in training. 


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