Fight Asthma with Bakson's Asthma Aid

Asthma is a response to allergens from the body. Generally it is characterized by relapses and remissions. Constriction of the bronchial muscles, secretions in the bronchial, and inflammation in the mucous membrane can occur after coming into contact with allergens. Other symptoms may include fever, general weakness, pressure in chest, wheezing, cough, or breathlessness. 

Most medications can provide immediate relief, but fail to cover all the causes of asthma, nor does it prevent the attacks from happening. Asthma Aid relieves symptoms of asthma attack in three ways; a bronchodilator, a decongestant, and reactivating vitality. 

The potentized ingredients are measured in specific combinations to work well, without causing unnecessary side effects.

Blatta Orientalis: Commonly called Indian Cockroach, has saved patients in which suffocation was threatened by great accumulation of mucous.

Justicia Adhatoda: Commonly called Vasaca, provides relief from breathlessness, cough and sneezing seen in acute inflammatory conditions of respiratory tract.

Ipecacuanha: Commonly called Ipecac, has marked effect on bronchial secretions and pulmonary engorgement. It relieves dry, teasing cough associated with severe breathlessness, wheezing rattling in chest, gagging, and vomiting.

Grindelia: Commonly called Gum Plant, is useful in patients suffering from bronchitis experiencing profuse expectoration. 

Magnesia Phosphorica: Commonly called Magnesium Hydrogen Phosphate, is indicated for spasmodic and whooping cough.

Senega officinalis: Comonly called Seneca Snakeroot, is useful in bronchial and laryngeal catarrh.

Using this multifaceted approach, any current symptoms can be relieved, as well as strengthening the body's resistance to prevent future attacks.



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