Fire up your food with Keto Rubs Fyr Salt

Sometimes it's hard to eat healthy. The same bland protein source, the same bland carbohydrate (or not), and steamed vegetables. This is perfect for the most dedicated among us, but for the rest of us it gets old. QUICK. Sometimes you need something to spice up your meals.

The good folks at Keto Rubs are here to help. Their new seasoning rub, Fyr Salt is exactly what was needed. An all natural seasoning, made in the USA, with over 60 natural trace minerals. It's made with unrefined pink salt from the Rocky Mountains, Dark Chili Powder, Ground Habanero, and Capsicum Oleoresin. It adds the healthy sodium into your diet, unlike so many store bought seasonings which are made with the cheapest sodium sources possible. 

Another key is what they chose to use to give the "Fire" in their Fyr Salt. Dark Chili, Habanero, and Capsicum, all contain a wonderful compound called "capsaicin". From what we already know, capsaicin can help lower blood pressure, positively impact cardiovascular health, reduce inflammation, reduce plasma levels of glucose, insulin, and triglycerides as well as LDL. Capsaicin is also being studied and has found to have anti-cancer/anti-tumor activity, inducing autophagy, inhibited growth and induced apoptosis

So don't just keep eating the same boring meals, rub in a little Fyr Salt, and fire up your meals.


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