Vitamin D - The Sunshine Vitamin

Vitamin D, sometimes called the "Sunshine vitamin" due to the bodies ability to produce it from direct sunlight, has several key benefits to overall health. Among them are mood support, hormone support, assisting weight loss, helping prevent illness, and cardiovascular health benefits. Below is a brief breakdown on how Vitamin D may help with each of these.

  1. Mood Support
    • Studies have shown a correlation between Vitamin D deficiency, and mood disorders such as depression and anxiety. Supplementation and or increasing dietary intake of the vitamin showed promising results for alleviating the symptoms of such issues. 
  2. Hormone Support
    • Similar to how Vitamin D can positively affect symptoms of depression and anxiety, the levels are also closely linked to free testosterone levels in the body. Research has shown a close link between the two, with deficiencies often occurring simultaneously. In one study involving individuals with low D levels, the supplementation of around 3000 IU of Vitamin D daily, resulted in the groups D levels doubling, while the average testosterone level increased by about 20% as well.
  3. Assisting Weight Loss
    • It is believed there is a link between higher body fat percentages and lower blood concentration of Vitamin D. In studies of overweight and obese women placed on a calorie restricted diet, with some of them supplementing Vitamin D. At the end of the study, those women that supplemented had a lower chance of experiencing weight gain, as well as a higher possibility of reducing body fat.
  4. Preventing Illness
    • Aiding in the absorption of nutrients like calcium and phosphorous, it helps in facilitating proper immune function. Deficiencies have been linked to autoimmune issues as well as increased risk of infection.
  5. Cardiovascular Health
    • Another key benefit of Vitamin D is it's ability to promote cardiovascular health. It is critical in the health of blood vessels and veins, and supplementation research has yielded positive results. 


The benefits of this vitamin are clear, but how can you increase your intake? There are more than a few ways, increased exposure to sunlight can increase your levels slightly, adding vitamin D rich foods to your diet can also help. These may not be enough if a person is severely deficient though, and that is where supplementation is of great benefit. Vitamin D supplements come in a wide range of potency options, which can help better fit an individuals specific needs. 

Here are the Vitamin D supplements we offer. We always recommend speaking with your doctor before starting a new supplement, to find out exactly what you might need.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D 

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