Full Disclosure Nutrition MY Whey. Just clean protein.

Full Disclosure Nutrition just released their new protein. MY Whey is a pure isolate, equating to 90% pure protein. 


No Proprietary Blends. No hidden ingredients.

Full Disclosure takes their ingredients seriously, and puts everything on the label to prove it. They used 23 grams of WPI (whey protein isolate) 90, to yield 20 grams of protein per serving. Only 100 calories per serving, less than 5mg of cholesterol, 1 gram total carbohydrate, and a minimal 60mg of sodium. This product is very clean, and helps when your only goal is to provide your body with super clean, highly absorb-able protein, in order to achieve the fastest recovery possible.



With so much spend on ensuring the highest quality of protein was used, it only make sense to follow that template with the flavoring. Only natural ingredients were used in the flavoring. Sweetened with around 250mg of stevia depending on the flavor, it has a good taste, without being overly sweet. They also ensure their proteins to be banned substance free, safe for athletes to consume without worry. 

Full Disclosure took a different approach to isolate protein powders with MY Whey, as their first flavors are not the typical chocolate and vanilla, but  natural tea, raspberry tea, and peach tea. These flavors all have a light refreshing taste, and don't have a bitter aftertaste due to very little sweetener being included. 

Great tasting protein, different flavoring than the boring usual options, very clean, no artificial junk. Solid product overall, definitely worth some consideration next time you want to try something new.


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