Help Yourself to a Healthy Metabolism with Vibrant Flora Lean Body Support

Vibrant Flora Lean Body Support is a protein and nutrient dense vegetable food with probiotics and a host of condition specific botanical ingredients to provide a baseline of good nutrition while speeding fat loss. It provides nutrients that will create a sense of satiety, while simultaneously delivering bioactive food substances that stimulate metabolism and the conversion of stored body fat to energy


Healthy nutrition comes from Lean Body Support’s selection of pea protein and vegetable powders. Protein is the primary macronutrient that keeps appetite in check. It is slower to digest, helping maintain a sense of fullness after it is eaten, while gradually being converted to blood sugar. Yes, not all protein is used to build bodily tissues; approximately 55% is converted to blood sugar, but it happens gradually, over 4 to 6 hours. That is how protein can sustain a steady-state blood sugar level, preventing marked drops that trigger hunger. VIBRANT FLORA: Lean Body Support provides 7 g per serving.


Spinach, zucchini, collards, tomato, wheatgrass, broccoli, kale leaf, parsley, kale sprouts, broccoli sprouts chlorella and carrot juice provide a strong collection of micronutrients. These are boosted by the inclusion of Orgenetics’ certified organic Orgen-HIM multiple vitamin-mineral, Orgen-Se selenium, and Phytavail mineral complex from Indian mustard. The nutrients from these foods and added micronutrients so enter the bloodstream and circulate through the hypothalamus of the midbrain where your body takes measurements of nutrients passing through. If something is lacking, the appestat bell is rung, and sensations of hunger are released in the brain and gastrointestinal tract. By providing sufficient micro-nutrition, Lean Body Support helps delay the release of hunger signals, thereby helping control intake of excess calories.


Ah, the unique probiotics: 50 billion of them per serving. Bifdobacterium animalis spp lactis, and Lactobacilli paracasei, plantarum, and gasseri are imbued with unique characteristics that go beyond normal digestive assistance or immune support. They fortify your body’s ability to control blood sugar, restrict the accumulation of storage fat, and reduce body fat mass.

  • B. animalis reduces both fat mass and glucose intolerance.
  • L. gasseri reduces inflammation, and suppresses blood glucose levels, thereby inhibiting the conversion of excess glucose to triglycerides that would otherwise be stored away as body fat.
  • L. plantarum reduces diabetic symptoms and stimulates weight loss, while
  • L. paracasei reduces inflammation and directly inhibits triglyceride formation. It synthesizes an enzyme (circulating lipoprotein lipase) that “controls triglyceride deposition into adipocytes.” In layman’s terms, that means the probiotic can stop fat cells from filling up on triglycerides.

Appetite Control

“How can you diet when you’re hungry?” It’s a common refrain. It is easier to stick with a diet if hunger doesn’t plague your day. VIBRANT FLORA Lean Body Support helps through its…

  • Acacia gum fiber, which, along with pea protein in VFW, works to create a feeling of fullness and satiety.
  • D-phenylalanine, an amino acid that is the mirror image of L-phenylalanine. Before the D isomer can be metabolized, it must be converted to L-phenylalanine. However, it will cross the blood brain barrier, and, while waiting around to be converted, is instead picked up by specific cells of the brain and converted into phenylethylamine, called PEA for short. PEA is your brain’s natural amphetamine. It both improves attention and focus AND suppresses hunger. As a side note, D-phenylalanine also suppresses enzymes that break down endorphins and encephalins, your brain’s natural “feel-good” opioid neuropeptides. As those enzymes are suppressed, your brain’s natural, homemade feel-good biochemical increase, and a positive mood ensues. So D phenylalanine may suppress your appetite, and make you feel good about not eating.
  • Satiereal® is derived from the flowers of saffron crocus, Crocus sativus L. It is a natural serotonin reuptake inhibitor that improves levels of the neurotransmitter, serotonin. Improving levels of serotonin increases satiety and decreases appetite. Double-blind placebo controlled human clinical studies show that Satiereal® indeed increases satiety, decreases hunger, reduces sugar cravings, and reduces compulsive snacking between meals. In the studies, at 100% of women taking Satiereal® reported decreased hunger. 80.7% of women lost weight, with a maximum of 11 lbs lost in two months. Notably, the Satiereal® group preferentially lost fat mass, instead of lean mass. The recommended daily dose of Satiereal® is 176.5 mg per day. You will notice that a serving of VFW contains the full recommended serving.

Metabolic Accelerators and Lipid Metabolism Modifiers:

Supporting a lean body implies fighting against fat accumulation. Vibrant Flora Lean Body Support has several arrows in its quiver aimed against fat accumulation.

  • White willow bark extract plays a two-part role. Salicylic acid plus caffeine are known to speed up metabolism through accelerated burning of free fatty acids. What is not as widely known is that salicylic acid and salicylates improve the passage of D-phenylalanine across the blood brain barrier. So placing white willow bark extract in the VFW formula both enhances metabolism and shortens the time to realization of D-phenylalanine’s benefits.
  • Citrus aurantium (bitter orange) 30% Synephrine extract. Much has been written about citrus aurantium, Synephrine, and their potential as a safe substitute for ephedrine in combination with caffeine within weight loss supplements. A review article from 2012 states clearly: “P-Synephrine alone as well as in combination products were shown to increase resting metabolic rate and energy expenditure, and modest increases in weight loss were observed with bitter orange extract/p-synephrine-containing products when given for six to 12 weeks. In general, bitter orange extract alone (p-synephrine) or in combination with other herbal ingredients did not produce significant adverse events [such] as an increase in heart rate or blood pressure, or alter electrocardiographic data, serum chemistry, blood cell counts or urinalysis.”
  • Green tea leaf extract, 25% caffeine supplies caffeine to the formula that, in combination with Synephrine, may accelerate metabolism. Increased metabolism is characterized by increased energy production by mitochondria of each and every cell of the body. Mitochondria burn fatty acids to generate energy. In order to meet the increased demand for energy caused by the metabolic uptick, free fatty acids will be liberated from adipose tissue, resulting in weight loss targeted to stored body fat.
  • Green coffee bean 45% chlorogenic acids. It turns out that chlorogenic acid (beyond its antioxidant capabilities) slows down synthesis of new fats while accelerating the breakdown of blood, liver and stored body fats. Chlorogenic acids may more efficiently and rapidly liberate stored fatty acids from adipose tissue so that they can “feed the beast,” that is, accelerated metabolism.
  • Garcinia cambogia 60% hydroxycitric acid (HCA) extract may stimulate secretion of extra amounts of serotonin, thereby suppressing appetite, and creating a sense of satiety. But more extensive studies show how hydroxycitric acid inhibits a key enzyme (ATP citrate lyase) required for the synthesis of fatty acids, cholesterol and triglycerides. Botanical extracts rich in HCA may slow or halt a body’s ability to build storage fat.
  • Gymnema sylvestre leaf 75% gymnemic acids extract claim a role in diet and blood sugar control products because studies show gymnemic acids may decrease the absorption of sugar from the intestine. By inhibiting glucose absorption, Gymnemic acid has anti-obesity and antidiabetic properties. If less sugar is coming in, fewer triglycerides, if any, will be manufactured and stored in adipose tissue. A decrease in body weight may then be possible. [Gymnema extracts may also prevent accumulation of triglycerides in muscle and liver, and lower fatty acids (i.e. triglycerides) in the circulation, reducing one of the risk factors for cardiovascular disease.]
  • The element, chromium (present as chromium nicotinate in VIBRANT FLORA Lean Body Support) is absolutely necessary and basic for normal fat and sugar metabolism. Deficiency is linked to cardiovascular disease and diabetes Therefore, it is clearly of importance to include a good, biologically active form of chromium in Vibrant Flora: Lean Body Support. Chromium nicotinate is one of the most biologically active and safe supplemental forms of chromium.

Glycemic Controller

Vitamin D from lichen: Who could have guessed? Newly identified roles for vitamin D can be quite surprising. It is now known that vitamin D plays a role in maintaining blood sugar within normal levels; to maintain blood sugar homeostasis.


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