Bakson's Homeopathic Remedy P. A Natural Remedy for Prostate Health.

As men age prostate health should become a priority for them, but many overlook this important yet vulnerable gland. By the age of 45 the risk of BPH (Benign hypertrophy of prostate) becomes prevalent, and increases with age to the point that by their 80th birthday more than 90% of men are diagnosed with BPH.

A number of drugs are on the market for this condition, but almost all carry side effects that make you question if it's actually helping your overall health. Natural fixes are out there, but to get a great result there is a lot of researching ingredients and combinations to be done. Bakson's Homeopathic Remedy "P" can help, by combining potent, proven, natural ingredients to provide a product that can improve prostate health.

Each ingredient included has a specific purpose, and they are dosed to work synergistically. 

Chimaphila Umbellata: Commonly called Pipissewa, relieves acute prostatitis; reduces prostatic enlargement that creates a sensation of a ball in the perineum; reduces the urge to frequently urinate and scanty urine.

Climatis Erecta: Commonly called Virgins Bower, is indicated for frequent, scanty urine, interrupted flow and dribbling in older men.

Coium Maculatum: Commonly called Poison Hemlock, is indicated for dribbling of urine in older men and great difficulty in voiding.

Ferrum Picrium: Commonly called Picrate of Iron, is used to treat senile hypertrophy of the prostate; retention of urine; frequent micturition at night with full feeling; pressure in rectum and smarting at neck of bladdar & penis.

Pareira Brava: Commonly called Pareira, is suitable for prostatic affections; constant urge; pain down thighs during efforts to urinate, dribbling after micturition, violent pain in glans penis. 

Populus Tremuloides: Commonly called Aspen, is suitable for enlarged prostate, severe tenesmus and painful burning in urinary organs. 

Pulsatilla: Commonly called Windflower, relieves acute prostatitis when urine is passed in drops with pain & the flow of urine is interrupted. 

Sabal Serrulata: Commonly called Saw Palmetto, is suitable for prostatic enlargement, discharge of prostatic fluid, and constant urge to pass urine at night.

These ingredients form a potent combination that not only relieves the symptoms of BPH, prostatitis, and prostatodynia, but does so naturally without side effects. This can help prevent unnecessary surgery, which is always a good thing. If you're a male age 45 or older, and are concerned with keeping your prostate healthy, this may be the greatest investment you make in yourself. 


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