Homeopathy History

Homeopathy is a highly scientific, modern system of medicine which was introduced by Dr. Samuel Frederick Christian Hahnemann in the year 1796. Historically speaking the roots of this line of thinking can be traced back to the times of Hippocrates and even before. The advancement in technology and industrialization was also accompanied by the appearance of a number of diseases, which affected mankind. This gave birth to Allopathy, which at that time appeared to be the only system that could restore the sick to health. But soon the numerous side effects of allopathic medicines distressed the medical community and the public at large. The growth of psychology, the awareness of ecology and above all the view of a man as a total being greater than the sum of his/her organs combined to influence the masses to look to nature for solutions to their health problems. This new high level of awareness inspired some in the medical community to treat the 'diseased individual' rather than treating a 'diseased organ' giving rise to what is popularly called "Holistic Medicine". It is this revolution that has caused the resurgence of Homeopathy -- a highly scientific system of medicine developed in and practiced since the 18th century, now gaining increasing recognition and acceptance as a "modern and natural system of medicine".

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