HyperCut XT from USN. Adding just enough energy to your weight loss program.

USN HyperCut XT. A new blend.

This combination looks to provide solid energy, with a blend of faster and slower breaking down stimulants. It also packs in Paradoxine, an ingredient growing in popularity in the sports supplement industry. Finally a combination of yohimbine and yohimbe round out the formula. Also included is a dose of chromium, which has shown to have sugar regulating properties. 

Sometimes less is more.

So many fat burners on the market today are just go absolutely overboard with stimulants. This can make them hard to take for some people that don't have a high tolerance for stims. USN reinvented their previous fat burner to come out with HyperCut XT. Not mega-loaded on caffeine, (150mg is roughly the amount of caffeine in a 16oz coffee) it is designed to give you a boost, without being too strong for daily use. USN also included Theacrine (brand name TeaCrine), which is a stimulant very similar to caffeine, but breaks down slower in the body. This provides a longer lasting energy while also reducing the "crash" feeling that can be experienced after taking anything with caffeine.


Grains of Paradise?

It sounds crazy, but paradise may be a key contributor to getting your body ready for a summer trip to... well.. paradise! Paradoxine is an extract from the seed of Aframomum Melegueta. This compound has shown to aid in the metabolism of brown fat tissues, which can be some of the most difficult to get rid of. It also appears to be a thermogenic enhancing ingredient, meaning it will increase your bodies temperature during workouts. More sweating = more burning. 


 Yohimbe, Yohimbine?

Yohimbine is the concentrated form of Yohimbe, and acts to improve peripheral circulation. This is seen as a benefit for energy, as well as boosting the metabolism by increasing nutrient delivery to the various muscle groups of the body. By including Yohimbine, as well as the base form Yohimbe, HyperCut XT increases the amount of time the compounds are producing effects on the body. This allows the product to have a longer effective time in the body.


This potent combination of ingredients provides lasting effects, in order to help accelerate you toward your weight loss goals. It will be released soon, so stay tuned!

See more information on USN HyperCut XT here.

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