I reached for a vegan protein bar today. Vega 20g Protein bars, vegan AND great tasting.

That headline might not make sense for people who regularly eat vegan protein bars or take plant based supplements regularly. Actually it probably won't make sense to people that don't. I fit into the latter category, but this morning I consciously decided to have a vegan bar when I wanted to grab something quickly on my way out the door. Vega's 20 gram protein bar, Salted caramel to be specific. It doesn't have the same gritty, dry, earthy taste that a lot of vegan bars tend to possess. This made it really easy to enjoy a healthier option this morning, compared to a whey based bar filled with artificial sweeteners.


So if you are looking for something a little cleaner, but are turned off by the typical vegan protein bars, give the Vega bar a chance before closing the book entirely on a plant based protein bar. 

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