Accelerated Weight Loss with InnovaPharm Enduralean Powder

InnovaPharm Enduralean powder brings a new element to the class of weight loss supplements. While a "fat burner" in powder form is nothing new, one with this kind of ingredient profile and quality isn't something that's easy to find. 

Why powder?

One of the top complaints about some of the stronger weight loss supplements is that they are too strong in terms of caffeine, and make people jittery or nauseous. By ditching the capsule and going with a powdered form it allows people to dose their fat burner based on what they need. This avoids over stimulation and allows people to capitalize on the great ingredients without the jitters. 

If a powdered form is easier to dose, why don't more companies utilize that form? The powdered form is not used very often due to the extreme difficulty in making it not taste awful. Many ingredients used in fat burners have an inherently terrible flavor, and this can be difficult to cover up without putting so much sugary flavoring in that it defeats the purpose of the product itself. InnovaPharm excels at flavoring, and they hit another home run with Enduralean. 

Dosing is great, flavor is definitely an important factor, but if the ingredients in the product don't work it won't matter how much you take. Good ingredients are the building blocks for a product and a brand. InnovaPharm stuck to their previous template of only using the best quality ingredients at potent doses. They also continued their innovative nature by putting out a product like nothing else on the market.



InnovaPharm used a multifaceted approach when building this fat burner, as they have targeted 3 PPAR's  (peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor). Each of these 3 receptors have different responsibilities within the body and by acting upon them, weight loss can truly be accelerated. The PPAR-Alpha has been shown to mainly effect blood triglyceride and cholesterol levels. It is activated when the body is deprived of energy sources, and is critical in ketogenesis, the bodies response to periods of fasting or reduced carbohydrates/sugars. By activating this receptor there is an increase in lipid metabolism, aiding in weight loss. PPAR-Gamma is responsible for glucose metabolism and storage, meaning it controls the amount of glucose that the body will utilize immediately and what it will set aside to be converted to fat for use as later energy. Activation of the Gamma receptor will help reduce the amount of carbohydrates or sugars the body converts to fat for storage. PPAR-Delta/Beta is involved with lipid protein bonding, meaning the amount of fatty acids that it controls the amount of fat the body holds onto. This means if properly activated this receptor can allow the body to convert more fat cells into energy. These 3 effects combine to really accelerate fat burning for energy, instead of just loading the product with caffeine to overstimulate the metabolism. 


Focus Forward 

The combination of Choline and Celastrus Paniculatus, among a few others gives Enduralean one of the best cognitive support formulas on the market. Choline is a derivative of B vitamins, and assists in the synaptic firing in the brain to aid in focus. Celastrus Painculatus has shown in trials that it results in elevated acetylcholine levels in the brain, which is directly related to memory retention and focus. These ingredients help during workouts to keep you on track and moving toward your goals.


Grains of Paradise

Then they added in one of the newest fat burner ingredients on the market, Aframomum Melegueta (Afra Lean) to kick your fat burning into high gear. This extract aids in increasing energy expenditure through the conversion of adipose fat tissue. 





All in all, another great product from InnovaPharm. If you're looking for a great weight loss supplement, this should be on your radar.



People are loving Enduralean.

"Great energy and focus. I use it as a pre in the morning and then one more scoop in the afternoon to help keep me going all day." 

"I love that I can adjust and split my doses up through the day. I tend to not be great with stimulants, but being able to split it makes this work great for me."



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