InnovaPharm Enraged Xtreme. For when you NEED a great workout.

Everyone has those days where getting yourself mentally prepped for the gym is nearly impossible. Sometimes it's caused by poor sleep the night before, or a stressful day at work. The days where your energy levels are running on E, and your mental focus is as organized as the free weights... For those days, there is InnovaPharm's Enraged Xtreme pre-workout. I won't put a crazy warning here saying how this pre-workout isn't for beginners, or that it's urged to use with caution, because that's already on the label and no one is going to read it anyway. I will say this is one of the strongest pre-workouts I've ever tried, and that I still don't even use a full scoop when I take it. 

The regular Enraged by InnovaPharm has a ton of energy enhancing power, but the Xtreme is a level above even that. This takes the popular pre workout Limitless, and adds to it with Synephrine, and Yohimbine HCI. Synephrine is a substance extracted from bitter orange, that is heralded for its stimulant effects. Synephrine is one of only a few stimulants that can increase metabolic activity without increasing blood pressure or heart rate. Yohimbine is a chemical extracted from the bark of the Yohimbe tree. This chemical has been shown to increase nervous system activity, including the increase of epinephrine (adrenaline) and nor-epinephrine in the blood stream. These chemicals trigger the bodies natural stress response of "fight or flight", which can definitely boost performance during a workout. In some respect your muscles will be pushing like your life depends on it.




With great power, comes great.. Focus. So Enraged Xtreme gives your muscles the capability of performing better than you though was possible, but what good would that do if you're so erratically unfocused that you can't pick an exercise to do? The ingredients in Enraged Xtreme still give you that incredible focus that is what made limitless such a great pre-workout. CDP-Choline and Phenylpiracetam combine to increase the synaptic firing in your brain and really wake you up. They provide a mental alertness that allows you to take that energy and really put it to good use.



So when you're having a day where you're confident there's no way you are making it to the gym, let alone getting a good workout in, give InnovaPharm's Enraged Xtreme a try. Just make sure to assess tolerance. It's strong. Really strong.


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