The ultimate goal should be RECOVERY. InnovaPharm Novamino helps you achieve that goal.

InnovaPharm Novamino sets the standard high for BCAA products.

There are so many Branched Chain Amino Acid supplements on the market today, all with different blends, different promises of results, and ultimately different levels of quality.

Starting on the ingredient profile. Novamino includes a heavy dose of Leucine with 3 total grams in the 6 gram BCAA complex. Clinical 2:1:1 ratio which is fairly standard. Making it a better blend is that they're instantized, making it mix easily and without leaving a gritty texture. They also threw in a gram of citrulline malate which helps with nitric oxide production and vasodilation. Both of these things improve nutrient delivery, thereby aiding in recovery. Adding in some electrolytes for hydration is an extra bonus. What really sets InnovaPharm's Novamino apart from other BCAA products is the addition of 2.5 grams of Betain Anhydrous.



BCAA's have been through a few studies in order to attempt to determine their effectiveness. A specific study done on the supplementation of branched chain amino acids in doses of 2.2, 4.4, and 6.6 grams per day, for 30, 60, and 90 days showed positive results when analyzing muscle damage and the oxygen capacity of blood at the end of the study. By testing muscular strength prior to exercise, then again at set times after a strenuous exercise was performed, the study concluded that the group given the amino acid supplement had less decline in post exercise strength than that of the placebo group. The higher strength levels throughout the recovery period indicated an accelerated rate of muscle recovery. When analyzing dosages, the lowest dose of 2.2 grams per day yielded little effect on muscle damage and oxygen capacity. The 4.4 grams per day showed significant decreases in lactic acid concentrations in the blood. The most noteworthy changes were seen in the 6.6 grams per day dose, as a greater reduction in muscle inflammation post workout was prevalent, increases in red blood cell count and hemoglobin concentration were also present, suggesting a higher oxygen carrying capacity in the blood after branched chain amino acid supplementation.


Betain Anhydrous

Betain Anhydrous, also called trimethylglycine (TMG), has been shown to increase athletic performance, specifically endurance and volume, as well as some studies showing increases in power output. Scientifically speaking, Betain is known as a methyl donor and helps with the methylation of homocysteine, forming methonine. Methonine is critical in the bodies synthesis of creatine. So many believe the productivity of Betaine in sports supplements is because of elevated creatine levels in the body. This ingredient is generally underappreciated in the sports supplement industry, and Novamino was one of the first to include it in a BCAA blend. 

While the ingredients in Novamino help it stand out from the crowd, the flavor is what puts it on it's own tier of BCAA supplements. Plenty of companies have made amino powders that taste good enough to be pleasant to drink while being more focused on the results it'll get you. With Novamino it's a different game. All 4 original flavors, Cotton Candy, Fuji Apple Pear, Caribbean Colada, Sweet Georgia Peach, taste INCREDIBLE! They mix easily as previously discussed, but what I didn't mention was how clean they taste. There is zero aftertaste, and every sip leaves you wanting to take another.

I've taken plenty of BCAA supplements, and have liked quite a few. This is truly one of my new favorites.  In terms of high quality ingredients focused on getting great results, and really enjoying the taste, this product nails it. 


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