How to cheat on your diet and GAIN. InnovaPharm Pump Dirt

InnnovaPharm Pump Dirt is really unlike any product on the market. The most similar product category it would fall into would be Glucose Disposal Agents, or maybe Nitric Oxide Booster. Honestly it falls somewhere in the middle. This is due to it's very distinct profile, it both manages glucose transport, but also amplifies pumps.

The key ingredient is the Banaba Leaf Extract. InnovaPharm uses a combination dose of Regular Banaba Leaf at 500 mg, as well as a 350 mg dose, standardized to 10% Corosolic Acid. For those unfamiliar with Banaba, the herb is a natural blood sugar regulator, helping to process dietary sugars and make them more readily available to the body. Corosolic acid is the active compound that helps control blood sugar. While that may categorize Pump Dirt as a Glucose Disposal Agent, it doesn't just remove the sugars from the body. It actually helps to increase the sugar uptake in the muscles. What this means is the body has more access to glucose for the muscles, the amount that can flow into the muscle, thereby increasing the pump you see and feel. 

The utilization of glucose is what sets Pump Dirt apart, not simply disposing it but putting it to work for your body. 

The folks at InnovaPharm must have a good sense of humor, as they could have tried flavoring this product, but chose to leave the herb alone instead of risking adding sugary flavors to the mix. The result is a "Dirt Flavor", that has an earthy taste and texture. The good news is it's only a 1 gram serving, so you can get it down quickly. 

This is another great product in the InnovaPharm line, with a profile unparalleled by any products currently on the market.

--- Update ---

So I've tried using this a few different ways. I took it the first time and ate a large bowl of pasta. Had a really great pump before I even took my preworkout. Then I tried going with the simple sugars (I ate 2 bags of sweedish fish and downed a gatorade. It was great.) I didn't notice as great of a pump as with the pasta but definitely had more energy through my workout and felt great. The third time I tried it, I took it before going to the diner. I ate 3 chocolate chip pancakes covered in syrup and a pile of breakfast potatoes. WOW. The pump, the vascularity, the energy. DO THAT. Eat pancakes and lift. It was incredible. 


Another summertime themed idea... I had the ingredients for S'mores leftover from a party, and that was perfect. 2 marshmallows, a chocolate bar, and 2 graham crackers puts right around 100g of carbohydrates. It was a great treat that gave me an awesome workout...




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