InnovaPharm Limitless. How it changed my view on all pre-workouts.

InnovaPharm Limitless. 

While still a relatively small company, InnovaPharm has blown up in the last few years. I still remember the first time I tried their first pre-workout. Being involved in the supplement industry you really get a feel for just how many different products are out there, all claiming to be the best thing on the market, and it's easy to just pass on products you've never heard of. This pre-workout came to me as a recommendation from a trusted friend and I am glad I went with it. 

This really is incredible stuff. It immediately became my favorite pre. Where most of the time you need a heaping scoop, I am fine using about ¾ a scoop of this stuff. The energy is awesome and definitely kicks the workout up a notch, but what makes this stuff different than anything else I've taken is the focus. Energy is great, but being able to control it makes it that much more potent. The CDP Choline/Phenylpiracetam combination gives you a new meaning to the word "focus". At the time I don't think any other pre-workout was using these ingredients. It keeps your mind constantly on your next rep, and when you're focused it opens a new level of possibility in the gym. This is still a new company, and everything they've done so far has been great. This stuff is incredible though.

I usually try and time my pre so I'm finishing it as I walk into the gym. On one day in particular I got stuck in traffic on my way in, holding me up about a half an hour. I actually realized there was about 8 minutes (an entire Metallica song played) where I had been vigilantly staring at the license plate of the car in front of me. Not the best thing to happen while driving, but it's exactly what you need in the gym. Block out all distractions and put your entire being into the workout. 

2 years later the label has changed, but the quality has not. It is still one of, if not my favorite pre-workout in my cabinet, and has become the one I compare all others to when testing them out. I can honestly say I don't think you'll regret trying this stuff out. 


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