Kick up your Keto with Nutrex Lipo 6 Black Keto

The keto diet trend has been growing, and with it the supplement market has seen an increase products designed to aid in ketogenic style dieting. Nutrex put together a combination of ingredients to help increase the weight loss potential of a dedicated keto diet plan, so here's a quick breakdown on how they work and why they might help.


First, what is keto? 

In short, the "Keto Diet" is known to contain very low carbs, and higher amounts of fat. We've got a more detailed breakdown here.


Energy, even while dieting

It's no secret that when you cut out almost all carbohydrates from your diet, your energy levels can take a hit. Nutrex Lipo 6 Keto has a few different ways of fighting that, so you don't skip a beat in your workout routine. 



When eating a low carbohydrate diet, the liver converts fats to ketones, which are then utilized as an alternative energy source for the brain, heart and muscle. This process, while effective for weight loss, doesn't always provide the same amount of energy that a carbohydrate based diet will. goBHB is a ketone body that the body is immediately able to utilize for energy, helping provide an extra boost to get you through the tough workouts while dieting. 


Natural Caffeine

Caffeine is a known source of energy, with an estimated 90% of American's using some form of caffeine daily. It is lesser known that caffeine is also an appetite suppressant, and can also help accelerate the release of fatty acids into the blood stream. That is a benefit on the keto diet, as it begins the process of energy production for those fatty acids. 


 Supporting ingredients

Choline Bitartrate

Choline is a micro-nutrient that aids in mental alertness and focus, and also possesses lipotropic properties. This means it helps the body use fat, and also aids the liver in disposing of unusable fats. 


L-Carnitine is fairly well known in the supplement industry for it's weight loss benefits, which makes it a stellar addition for a keto supporting weight loss supplement. Aiding in the transport of fatty acid to the cells for metabolism, carnitine essentially assists in the conversion of fat to energy. 

Apple Cider Vinegar

While not keto specific, apple cider vinegar is helpful in terms of body composition, as it works well as a natural diuretic, and detox. It is a minor addition, that really rounds out the Lipo 6 Black Keto ingredient profile. 


So if you're on a ketogenic diet, or if you're considering starting, Nutrex Lipo 6 Black Keto may be a good fit to accelerate you toward your weight loss goals.

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