Last minute slim down, with Nutrex Aqua Loss

Whether your looking to step on stage, or just get a little more definition before a vacation, Nutrex Research Aqua Loss may be what you need to get there. With a combination of ingredients designed to help shed excess water weight, it works efficiently and effectively. Here's a brief ingredient overview. 


Dandelion Root Extract 

 Dandelion Root is an herbal ingredient, which has shown an ability to help detox the body, and help with excess water retention. The benefit of Nutrex using this herbal option over many other synthetic diuretics is it can do so without mineral depletion. We have a more detailed breakdown on the benefits of dandelion root here.


 Oxystelma Esculentum

An ayurvedic herb, that possesses diuretic properties, with an effect believed to last around 24 hours post ingestion. This addition allows Aqua Loss to continue working effectively between doses. 


Horsetail Extract

An herb known and used for reducing water retention, by increasing disposal rate of excess water.


Uva Ursi Leaf

 Another herb that has a longtime use for reducing bloat and can assist in shedding excess water. 


While many companies may stick to synthetic diuretics, or use light amounts of these or similar natural ingredients, Nutrex packed these ingredients into an over 2.5 gram dose per serving. So next time you're looking to shed that last little bit and bring out greater definition, take a look at Aqua Loss.

Nutrex Research Aqua Loss

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