Take your preworkout up a notch with Nutrex Outlift AMPED!

Nutrex Research has come out with some great products the last few years, and their pre workout Outlift is no exception. Outlift packs one of the best pump formulas on the market currently. With 8 grams of Citrulline Malate, 3.2 grams Beta Alanine, 3 grams creatine, Outlift began Nutrex's focus on clinically dosed ingredients. For many people though, the 350mg of caffeine wasn't quite enough energy to meet their needs. Some people (myself included) really like a high energy pre workout to keep them moving in the gym for a few hours.

For those people, Nutrex designed Outlift Amped, the headliner of their UltraFit series. While still containing much of the same main ingredients, Amped keeps the incredible nitric oxide boosting profile as standard outlift, but provides another level of energy and focus. On top of the already 350mg of caffeine in a blend of citrate and anhydrous, they added 50mg of Theacrine (TeaCrine). Theacrine is a stimulant very similar to caffeine, but your body doesn't build the same tolerance to it like it does for caffeine. This means the last scoop of Outlift Amped is going to hit you almost the same as the first one did. They keep the energy going for longer gym sessions with 1.5mg of Rauwolscine, a compound that aids in the conversion of fat to energy. This allows you to utilize those stored fats more readily, increasing the amount of energy your body produces for the gym. 

The only other major difference in ingredients from regular outlift to the Amped version is they removed the BCAA blend in lieu of 2.5 grams of Betaine Anhydrous. Betaine is another great endurance enhancer and is effective at recovery as well, so losing the BCAA's isn't a total loss. Most people supplement additional BCAA's anyway so it really isn't a loss at all. 

I have to say I really loved Outlift when it first came out, and it is still one of my top favorite pre workouts. Sometimes though, I just need a little more kick with that great pump. Outlift Amped gives me great energy for workouts that last more than a few hours. The fruit candy flavor is absolutely unbelievable. I also just tried the newest flavor awaiting release, Cosmic Burst, and it was just as delicious.

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