NuVital Super Spinach, for Super Nitric Oxide Production

NuVital Super Spinach is just one of many new products to hit the market that are designed to increase nitric oxide levels in the bloodstream.

The closest comparison in terms of natural nitrate source to the Red Spinach extract in Super Spinach is Beet Root extract. Studies have shown that increasing nitrate intake can result in higher amounts of nitric oxide in the bloodstream. Notating that, red spinach extract has shown to contain 4 to 5 times the amount of nitrates compared to beet root extracts. Super Spinach is also a neutral ph (7.0), which greatly improves absorption into the body over Beet Root extract which has a more acidic ph of around 5.5. 

Oxalates, what are they?

Oxalates are anti-nutrients, compounds found in plants that are a form of defense for the plant. They can serve to defend the plant from harmful bacteria, or even deter animals or humans from eating them. This can take the form of a bitter taste, or by preventing the body from digesting the seeds necessary for the plants to propagate and regrow. These oxalates can cause digestive issues, as well as keep you from absorbing any of the nutrients from the plants themselves. For that reason, Super Spinach is even more impressive because it contains no oxalates!


Increased Nitric Oxide production can lead to the relaxation or dilation of blood vessels, which promotes healthy circulation, can reduce blood pressure, and allows oxygen to be transported to the muscle cells more readily. Dietary nitrates can easily be converted into Nitric Oxide, and therefore increasing intake of nitrates may help fight against certain cardiovascular diseases. 

On top of all of these potential health benefits, increased Nitric Oxide in the bloodstream can help sport and weight training performance as well. Obviously one of the most important effects of weight or resistance training is the "pump" in the muscle group being worked. Higher levels of N.O. can help improve this, as well as maintain it longer. In terms of sport performance, improved circulation from increased nitric oxide production allows sufficient blood flow into the necessary muscles, improving performance. 


Super Spinach, for health benefits, for performance benefits, for overall well being. 

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