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Our bones are incredible, they allow us to do the things we are able to do, and give us support. Sometimes though, our bones and joints need a little support as well. Zycal Bioceuticals products are some of the strongest supplements on the market in terms of aiding in bone and joint health. 

What is it? 

Ostinol's key ingredient is a hydrolyzed collagen along with a few other critical proteins, in a trademarked ingredient called Cyplexinol Pro. 

How does it help?

This blend of bone morphogenetic proteins occur naturally in bones and joints, and are huge components of the formation of cartilage. This blend was actually used for patients after operations, in order to speed the process of tissue growth and accelerate recovery. 


If you're experiencing joint pain, or are looking for a way to help strengthen your bones, one of the Zycal products might be just the thing you're searching for, see them here.

Zycal Bioceuticals

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