Precision Research Afralean

Precision Research Afralean. The next big thing in Weight loss aid diet supplements.

This supplement is a great addition to a supplement regimen for anyone trying to take off some extra weight or just cut and tone. It's stimulant free which means you can take it alongside a regular pre-workout without worrying about jitters or other ill effects from too much caffeine.

The active ingredient is a compound called aframomum melegueta, more commonly called "Grains of Paradise". It is a spice in the ginger family, and has been shown to possess multiple health benefits. It has shown to have anti-diabetic properties, as well as aid in increasing metabolic rates. 

The part that sets AfraLean apart from other products with Grains of Paradise in them is that AfraLean is standardized to yield 15% 6-paradol, which is the compound that aids in weight loss. AfraLean should help to keep your body burning calories and fat more efficiently, as well as help reduce the amount of fat your body stores. This will accelerate fat loss and aid you in achieving your weight loss goals, kicking your efforts into a higher gear.

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