Precision Research Lean Test. Perfect post cycle or just a natural Testosterone booster.

Precision Research Lean Test is a natural testosterone boosting supplement. There are hundreds of products in this category so it can be difficult to stand apart. Precision Research achieves that with Lean Test. 

Most testosterone boosters fall into a few categories. Effective and really expensive, quality ingredients but under-dosed, or more or less ineffective. Lean Test is in another group all together. The combination of a natural herbal testosterone booster called Spilanthes acmella extract at a potent dose, as well as a full dose of E-Xstane (3-deoxy-delta-3, 7-oxo-DHEA) make Lean Test different.

Spilanthes acmella. Flower Power.

In clinical studies, spilanthes acmella extract has shown promising results in terms of increasing testosterone levels. At effective doses this natural ingredient can help improve test levels, which can improve recovery, strength, sex drive, as well as other benefits.

This is great to use in a stack with another natural test booster, since it's simple profile won't risk decreasing uptake because of an overabundance of one ingredient. The arimistane is a powerful anti estrogen so it will enhance the effects of the testosterone booster as well. Lean Test also works well as a stand alone test booster, because of the synergistic effect of the ingredients.  The arimistane helps balance the bodies testosterone to estrogen balance, while the Spilanthes helps increase the bodies natural production of testosterone. 

The greatest part of this product, is you can get a potent dose, of quality ingredients, and don't have to pay extravagant amounts of money. 

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