Prime your workout. Precision Research Primal

Precision Research Primal is a natural testosterone booster, with an ingredient that hasn't been easy to find since USP Labs Prime was pulled. Tribulus Aquaticus, a very rare and potent form of Tribulus. Aquaticus is sourced from a water chestnut.

Tribulus Aquaticus has been shown to have pain relieving properties, showing potential anti inflammatory capability. That isn't it's biggest benefit though. This form of tribulus is more proficient at promoting the body's production of testosterone. For this reason it is an awesome supplement for muscle building. It provides a good boost by itself, but can also be "stacked" with other testosterone boosting compounds. 

The great demand for USP Labs Prime after it was discontinued should be an indication of the effectiveness of this product, and why it should be heavily considered for anyone looking to build lean muscle, and gain an edge in the gym. 



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