Skin Issues? Bakson's Derm Aid Plus

Do you suffer from common skin ailments such as acne, eczema, dandruff, or urticaria? Then you have probably tried countless ways to correct these. Bakson's Derm Aid Plus offers a simple, natural solution and it actually works!

Most skin care products only cover up the symptoms whereas Derm Aid actually works to help balance the bodies symptoms and actually correct the problem. 

Every ingredient matters, every ingredient makes a difference. 

Calcarea fluorica: Commonly called Fluorspar, relieves chaps & cracks generally as well as in the palms & hard skin.

Calcarea Sulphurica: Commonly called Calcium Sulfate, is used in cuts, wounds, bruises etc. that do not heal readily, skin affections with yellow scabs, pimples, and dry eczema.

Kali Sulphuricum: Commonly called Potassium sulfate, is used to treat - eczema, burning, itching, papular eruptions and eruptions with abundant scaling.

Natrum Sulphuricum: Commonly  called Sodium sulfate, is most suitable for generalized itching which gets aggravated on undressing.

Arsenicum Album: Commonly called Arsenous oxide, is suitable for dryness of skin with formation of scales and dandruff; eczema with formation of blisters turning into pustules; thick scaly eczema. 

Rhus Toxicondendron: Commonly called Poison Ivy, is useful in red swollen skin with intense itching; urticaria; burning eczema with tendency to scale formation and thin eruptions containing fluid.

By including all of these potent ingredients, Derm aid offers more than just a quick fix for symptoms, but a way to help your body keep the symptoms from coming back. 


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