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Suffering from joint pain? Is bone health a concern you have? A cissus supplement may help.

Everyday life puts a lot stress on bones and joints. That stress gets amplified if you work in a physical job, or through weight training or exercise. The wear and tear we put on our joints tends to have a cumulative effect, especially if steps aren't taken to help rebuild and support them. NSAID pain relievers are effective short term, but don't help the root of the issue, so can at best be a temporary fix. An herbal supplement called cissus quadrangularis could surpass them in terms of joint pain relief and bone support. 


What is Cissus?

The Cissus Quadrangularis plant is a member of the grape family, and is sometimes known by the common name of Velt Grape. In Ayurvedic medicine, the herb has long been used to help heal bone, and reduce tendon and ligament pains resulting from injuries. 








Bone and Joint Health Potential

The potential benefit for Cissus is intriguing when compared to other herbal bone and joint health supplements. Where most supplements are studied on arthritis or osteoarthritis, cissus is being studied for it's ability to aid athletes dealing with training injuries or pain. In one study in particular, it showed promise by reducing joint pain symptoms in the male athletes studied by approximately 30%. 

In animal studies, supplementation of cissus has been shown to increase bone density. This is believed to be due to the herbs ability to promote bone mineralization, as well as blocking the cytokines linked to bone loss. Higher levels of calcium and phosphorous have been noted in participants supplementing cissus.  


Other possibilities 

Some studies have been conducted on the weight loss potential for a cissus quadrangularis supplement. The results have been positive, with multiple studies showing reduced LDL Cholesterol, fasting blood glucose, and triglyceride levels after supplementation. 


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