Sweet Treat without a diet defeat. Try G Butter.

Some people can be perfectly happy eating the flavored protein spreads as their sweet tooth craving killer. Still there are more people that can't seem to be satisfied with a simple high protein nut butter. That's where G Butter comes in. G Butter is different than any other spread on the market, because it isn't simply a spread. It's the only one you can pop in the microwave and make a delicious sugar free brownie!

How do you get in on this tasty treat? It's a few simple steps.

  1. Spread one serving of G Butter into the lid of the jar.
  2. Microwave the lid for 15-30 seconds. Time may vary depending on the microwave.
  3. Enjoy!

You don't need to cook it though, it's also great on fruits, bread, or even just a spoon! 

G Butter Brownie Batter was one of the first flavors, but there are quite a few others to choose from now, and they all taste pretty great. Our staff favorites are the Cookie Dough, and White Chocolate for sure. 

If you need to know where to buy G Butter, we can help with that too. Click the image below and it'll take you right to it! 

G Butter White Chocolate

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