Target fat with Nutrex Lipo 6 Defining Gel

Some areas of the body can be more difficult to lose body fat than others, and it's those spots that can drive you crazy when you're trying to really lean out. Many times typical fat burners can only help so much.

Taking a pill isn't going to help finish off that localized fat that you may be focused on getting rid of. It's no secret that spot reduction training is ineffective, so simply training abs more isn't going to make them more defined. 

That's where a topical solution may be exactly what you need. Nutrex Research just released their Lipo 6 Defining Gel, for targeted fat loss. 

Nutrex combined ingredients like capsaicin, youhimbine HCl, arginine, and a few others, to create a fast absorbing topical gel that will help you burn fat. When used, it will create a warming/cooling effect that will be intensified when used before a workout. TopiSorb technology assures quick absorption. This increased thermogenesis is what helps metabolize the fatty deposits that are difficult to get rid of through normal diet and training. 

Update - I used the product for the first time yesterday morning. I put approximately 2 pumps around my ab/core area, put on a waist slimming belt, and waited about 15 minutes before I went for a run. Around 5 or so minutes into my run, there was a noticeable warming feeling in the application area. In another 10 minutes it was HOT. Not painful hot, but definitely felt it working. That general area was also sweating considerably more than normal. When I removed the belt there was visible steam coming from my skin. So single use it definitely works as it's supposed to, with a considerable increase in thermogenesis. Additionally, the length of time this product works seems to be longer than other topicals on the market. Additionally 5-6 hours after applying, I was moving some boxes around here, and noticed the warming sensation returned. After speaking to our Nutrex rep he told me that's pretty normal, and it can flash for around 8-10 hours after first application. So if you want to put it on before morning cardio, it may still be working during afternoon training. I plan on using it a few times a week when I go running, so I'll see how it works in terms of actually weight loss results. 

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