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With the variety of health issues people face, from so many different causes there is a definitive need to do whatever possible to keep yourself healthy. One of the most overlooked and sometimes undervalued aspects of health is… hydration. Simply keeping the body hydrated helps ensure proper function of vital organs, as well as reducing muscle cramping and fatigue. In a world where coffee is almost as important to some people as the air they breath, so many people ignore the fact that proper hydration may provide better energy than any stimulant ever could.


Fyool was created based on one simple principle; getting more production out of the body naturally. Our natural products assist in stimulating and energizing the body, instead of overstimulating the adrenal glands, leading to energy crashes and can lower the immune system. Whether in the gym, doing manual labor, or simply sitting at an office desk for ten hours a day, this formula was meant to keep your energy levels up and help you recover faster…NATURALLY!


FYOOL vs Other Hydration Supplements


Much of what is currently available to the public today as far as “hydration” or “endurance” products are mostly sugar filled sports drinks underdosed with recognizable ingredients to make the consumer think what they are getting is a healthy and more advanced alternative to water. Unfortunately, much of the money made by the company is spent on marketing, not the actual product itself. These companies find that their “bottom line” can be better met by using lesser amounts and lesser quality ingredients leading to inferior products hurting the consumer by not actually doing anything to improve their performance.



There are many different ingredients that make up FYOOL HYDRATION product. Each ingredient and the amount incorporated in the formula are backed by science. We did not cut corners, we did not underdose, we wanted to create the best hydration supplement on the market that can be used by people in all walks of life. From the high-performance athlete to the grandmother trying to stay healthy in the summer heat, this product is created for everyone.


Coconut Water Powder

Coconut Water Powder is one of the core hydration ingredients in fyool hydration. Coconut Water was tested against sports nutrition drinks in terms of performance and body fluid replenishment post dehydration*. Coconut water can be an excellent source of post workout potassium replenishment and when paired with sodium, creates the ultimate hydration formula **


First discovered in 1827, Taurine helps with antioxidation, osmoregulation, and calcium signaling, which can be a key role in post workout recovery and cell regeneration.***

Sodium Bicarbonate

Sodium, or salt, is the main electrolyte in terms of hydration. Fyool Hydrate uses sodium bicarbonate for its ability to aid in performance. In crossfit athletes, the use of sodium bicarbonate increased performance an additional 3% over the placebo, but more importantly, it delayed ventilatory threshold occurrence - which is key for endurance athletes ****

 Potassium Chloride

Potassium Chloride is a sustained release form of potassium, which is another key electrolyte*****. Potassium loss during exercise has been attributed to a major factor in performance decline. Increased rates of uptake of potassium by the muscles and inactive tissues aim to restore muscle intracellular potassium levels and prevent severe increases in plasma potassium levels*****

 Magnesium Chelate

Magnesium is involved in over 300 metabolic reactions throughout the body. From nerve function, to heart rhythm to immune function and many more. Another key function of magnesium for athletes is the stabilization of blood glucose levels. ****** Magnesium chelate is one of the highest bioavailable forms of magnesium available *******





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