Beverly International Super Pak 30pk

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Beverly International’s Super Pak Multi Vitamin Mineral Pack

Are you deceived by the notion that a balanced diet or single multi vitamin tablet can provide sufficient vitamins to meet the demands of intense exercise? After all you tried a mega vitamin pack once and really didn't feel much different. So your conservative family doctor and friendly dietitian were right, you don't need additional vitamins and minerals. WRONG!

Your goal is to build a better body

Not to maintain the status quo. Everybody’s vitamin needs are different. Hard training athletes have a much greater need for vitamins and minerals, just as they do for protein and carbohydrates. We place a lot of emphasis on getting enough protein and carbohydrates to meet the nutrient demands of building a better body. But the fact remains, getting the right amounts of vitamins and minerals is at least equal in importance to protein and carbohydrates.