Blackstone Labs Anesthetized Sleep Aid 25 Servings

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One of the most challenging parts of bodybuilding is getting a good night's sleep. It doesnt matter if youre in contest prep or off season bulking, theres always a reason to not want to go to bed. Either the restlessness kicks in and you dont fall asleep until 4am or youre up every 2 hours hitting the bathroom or youre just uncomfortable from night sweats its always something! And to make matters worse, those 6-8 hours of sleep are easily the most important hours of the day for growth and recovery. A real bodybuilder takes his sleep just as seriously as he does his training and nutrition.

Anesthetized might be the most important supplement you ever use, although we suggest you dont use it every night. Instead take it on nights in which youve had a tough training session, or you really need to get some rest. Anesthetized can be stacked with any Blackstone Labs product. Make sleep a priority and make better gains. Its as simple as that.