Gaspari Nutrition Real Mass 12lb

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Gaspari Nutrition brings the most advanced mass packing technology to your nutrition program with REAL MASS®. Building muscle mass is not a simple task. In order to develop significant size, you need to consume more calories than you burn, which can be challenging for those who are high performance athletes, bodybuilders or even regular fitness participants. The key is to retain a high level of protein, carbohydrates and fats in your diet. Adding weight-gain supplements allows you to do just that. Gaspari Nutrition’s advanced weight gainer; REAL MASS® has 1,000 CALORIES with 47 GRAMS OF PROTEIN, CREATINE, BCAAS and HIGHLY BRANCHED CYCLIC DEXTRIN (as in GlycoFuse™) per serving. This versatile supplement can be consumed pre-workout, post-workout or as a daily meal replacement.

REAL MASS® has an advanced protein matrix that supplies your muscles with high grade proteins for up to 8 hours. The sustained release profile provides a quick, medium and slow release of muscle building amino acids for both fast and long term nitrogen retention. REAL MASS® is loaded with mega amounts of glutamine, branch chain amino acids and other crucial amino acids in every serving, all of which are critical for muscle building, strength and recovery from workouts.

The type and quality of carbohydrates used in any weight gainer will determine the type and quality of mass you pack on. REAL MASS® contains HIGHLY BRANCHED CYCLIC DEXTRIN (as in GlycoFuse™), which is known to have long lasting effects. REAL MASS® also contains agglomerated carbohydrates that optimizes the muscle building effect of insulin, allowing your body to build dense, high quality muscle mass. REAL MASS® provides you with sustained energy, fast glycogen replenishment and stabilized blood sugar levels.

It's your choice, but when it comes to putting on quality mass effectively and fast, REAL MASS® is the premium weight gainer solution.