InnovaPharm ZMX (ZMA) 90C

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For over a decade, the  sports  supplement industry  has  been  flooded  with   countless  products using subpar forms of Zinc/Magnesium/B6, hindering absorption  and preventing your  body from  fully utilizing these beneficial ingredients. 

As InnovaPharm never settles for average, we  have brought you  ZMX, the most bioavailable Zinc/Magnesium/B6  complex  available.  ZMX  contains  a  unique  Bisglycinate  Chelate  form   of  both  Zinc  and  Magnesium  to ensure  the absolute  best absorption  possible.  Not  only  does ZMX  contain  the  highest  quality  forms  of Zinc  and  Magnesium,  but it also  includes  the most active form of Vitamin B6 known  as  P-5-P,  for enhanced absorption.  This  revolutionary  trifecta  ensures  that  users  are  utilizing  every night. 

Improving testosterone levels, improving sleep patterns, improving GROWTH.