MHP BCAA 3300 120T- Discontinued

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MHPs BCAA 3300 sets a new standard in amino acid-based strength-building sports supplementation by providing a highly anabolic branched chain amino acid complex in a timed release formula. BCAA 3300 is the first and only supplement to deliver a 4:1:1 BCAA ratio in a sustained delivery, making it a strategic advancement to other BCAA products that still use the old 2:1:1 ratio and gives you and advantage over the competition.

The newest research concludes that the amino acid leucine is the most potent anabolic powerhouse branched chain amino acid, due to its major role in activating protein synthesis and simulating a higher rate of muscle growth and repair via the mTOR anabolic pathway. This identifies leucine as the most critical BCAA for promoting overall protein synthesis for peak muscle building. BCAA 3300 utilizes the anabolic 4:1:1 branched chain amino acids ratio that contains four times the amount of the leucine to isoleucine and valine. The unique timed release delivery system provides a steady supply of these key BCAAs. This allows for a continual supply and greater absorption and utilization of these critical aminos for greater strength and muscle building, anti-catabolic muscle protection, energy production and recovery when compared to conventional BCAA formulas.

MHPs BCAA 3300 is our most sophisticated, advanced anabolic BCAA formula available and is a must for all serious weightlifters and bodybuilders looking to increase their strength and muscularity.