MHP Carnitine 1500 120C - Discontinued

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L-carnitine plays an essential role in fat burning metabolism, energy production and supporting the optimal functioning of the body at the cellular level. Extensive scientific evidence illustrates the benefits of L-carnitine for athletes and active people, including optimizing performance and delaying the onset of fatigue. Clinical research on L-carnitine supplementation also observed a decrease in the production of free radicals and a reduction in both normal tissue damage and muscle soreness after exercise, in addition to enhancement of the post-exercise recovery phase. Additionally, L-carnitine supplement use is reported to promote cardiovascular functioning and health, which is vital for achieving peak physical performance.

L-carnitine supplementation is highly beneficial for athletes and acts as a catalyst to nutritionally support the phases of higher intensity exercise and training.MHPs Carnitine 1500 provides 1500 mg of premium grade L-carnitine tartrate to help you achieve all the performance benefits of carnitine supplementation in one precise formula.