MHP Cyclin GF 120C - Discontinued

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Training takes place in the gym, but you can also grow at night when you are sleeping. MHPs research team has developed a nighttime anabolic activator, Cyclin-GF. Our research revealed that it is not one event, one ingredient or one hormone that is involved in maximizing the nighttime muscle fiber growth process. There are multiple events that occur, often in a series, and require a cascade of nutritive substrates and promoters to initiate the process and keep it moving along to help achieve maximum muscle growth.

The process begins with the nocturnal stimulation of GH and IGF-1 followed by peak IGF-2 and testosterone production. Also important is the suppression of cortisol and other growth arrestors. Cyclin-GF is formulated to help put you in a deep anabolic REM sleep to trigger the optimal anabolic hormonal cascade so you can maximize your growth potential while you sleep.