MHP Maximum Whey 5LB - Discontinued


MAXIMUM WHEY gives you everything you want from a whey protein supplement and more with an amazing milkshake taste! This highly concentrated formula uses the finest double-filtered whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate to support muscle building and recovery while delivering an unmatched rich and creamy flavor.

MAXIMUM WHEY delivers a full 25 grams of fast-acting, easily digestible protein per scoop. This provides your muscles with a complete array of amino acids that muscle needs to turn on and ramp up protein synthesis for enhanced muscle growth and recovery.


MAXIMUM WHEY helps support your muscle building efforts by supplying your body with an ultra-purified and concentrated form of whey produced via a proprietary double-filtration process.


The same double-filtration process that purifies and concentrates the whey protein in MAXIMUM WHEY also leaves in more of the naturally occurring phospholipids. Besides their potential health benefits, whey phospholipids intensify the taste and texture of MAXIMUM WHEY, resulting in a product that satisfies your desire for rich, creamy real milkshake deliciousness more than you would ever expect from a whey or protein blend.


The naturally occurring phospholipids in MAXIMUM WHEY also act as superb emulsifiers. This helps ensure that every serving digests fast and easy.


MAXIMUM WHEY contains no gluten